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2020 air purifier brand is good? How to buy?

Update:04 Aug 2016

With the rapid development of social economy, the public pays more and more attention to the impact of environmental health. Indoor volatile organic pollution caused by decoration, PM2.5 pollution caused by haze weather, these indoor air pollution problems, let more and more families choose to use air purifiers. In the face of serious air pollution, it is really difficult to buy a suitable air purifier. Faced with a wide variety of air purifiers, how to choose? Then look at how to choose with the editor!

Look at the CADR value

The higher the CADR value (clean air output ratio), the greater the purification efficiency and the larger the area of ??use, but it is not necessarily that the higher the CADR value, the better. It also needs to compare the noise, especially the highest noise, the lower the better.

For many brand promotion, the noise is the smallest for you, and the CADR value is the biggest, which is actually misleading. The honest way is to mark the CADR of each windshield together with the noise. Therefore, the ultimate indicator of an air purifier is not the highest-grade CADR value, but the CADR value of the gear of 40 dB, because that is the most commonly used gear.

Measuring space area

Before buying, please measure the space area of ??your home. The specific operation method is: layer height * area, and then use 5 times of the total volume as the guideline to select the air purifier.

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